Just a Little Anniversary Poetry

Yesterday I celebrated my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary.

Forty. Freaking. Years.

The funny thing about my parents is that after forty years of marriage, they are actually still in love.  I mean, they actually still ENJOY each other’s company.  Crazy, right?  Well thank goodness for them, because they have set a pretty good example.  Some days I seriously want to rip my husband’s face off and feed it to some zoo animals.  But I haven’t. Yet.

I really wanted to do something special but my funds are limited (as in, I’m broke as hell).  My mom is the sentimental type who cries and clutches her heart when she reads greeting cards and swoons over cheesy chick flicks,  so I decided to write a poem.  Because merely tearing up would not suffice for a  40th anniversary– I wanted soaked cheeks and maybe even sob or two.

How did it go, you ask? Well.  Not only did she totally end up bawling, but my sister and my FATHER cried too. Mission accomplished.

So here it is, folks.  The Poem That Made My Dad Cry.

Forty years of marriage, forty years of wedded bliss.
Forty years of ups and downs, forty years of turns and twists.
A family started and fully grown,
A house that soon became a home,
So much laughter and sometimes tears,
A million memories throughout the years.
Not just forty years of marriage, but forty years of love–
The everlasting, indestructible kind we all dream of.
It’s easy to get married and sign a piece of paper,
It’s difficult to still be happy forty long years later.
But for you two, Mom and Dad, it’s seems to come easily,
And we thank you now, because we know how it’s supposed to be.
So rejoice today, forty years from when you took your vows,
And celebrate the fact that you have done your family proud.
We hope you know that you have been an inspiration to us.
Happy anniversary, guys, we love you both so much!

Yep, I’m a huge cheeseball 🙂

Happy 40th, Mom and Dad.  Here’s to forty more!

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