A Not So Brief Hiatus

Hello? Anyone out there?  I’m back! I took a super brief year-long break after my whopping ONE blog entry to, I dunno, forget I had a blog I guess? I apologize to those of you who waited with breath baited for my next gripping tale of motherhood mayhem and whatnot, but you can now stay tuned for more (though just in case, don’t hold your breath this time. Blue is not really your color).

A few things happened while I was gone.  I had a baby, for one.  A little girl. She’s nine months old now and she is my little sweet potato. Obvious statement alert, but holy crap I’m so in love with her. Also, my son turned four and starts pre-k next week (omg!).  Oh and my husband made a really cool garbage truck out of legos. Pretty big year for everyone, I’d say.

That is all for now, I have a baby hanging off my boob (literally) and Big Bang Theory reruns to watch. Be back soon….maybe 😉